Saturday, July 17, 2010

i give up.

it's been awhile since we first met, and we've had a great run, haven't we? we've been so close, for so long. my lil bro, your big sis. you are the first person i see nearly every single school day. whenever i'm down, you lift me up. these holidays have really killed me, not being able too see that amazing smile and listen to your voice. i've missed you more than i think one should, and although i know i shouldn't feel like this, and all of the shit we have done and said? i think that maybe, it's best we just stay friends. i mean you're amazing, you're different, you aren't like them. but, feeling like this, has twisted my brain and you've said things and taken them back. you've heard nonsense and believed them over me, when you used to trust me with everything. we both said that feeling like this would ruin what we had/have. and now? i agree, it could have. it's seriously change the way we see each other and i can have more serious conversations with you now and you'd understand everything i'd say and you'd take it in. we've changed, this friendship? it's like we only just met, all over again. it breaks my heart, really.. i miss you, more than i ever have.

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