Monday, June 7, 2010


in the dark i can't fight it, i fake until i'm numb. but in the bright light, i taste you on my tongue. it's all over and every body went. i was left with myself and i wondered what went wrong. i could feel my heart breaking. broken, like the bottles on the floor. does it really matter? or am i just hung over you? even my dirty laundry, everything just smells like you. my head is throbbing, every song is out of tune, just like you. in the dark i can't fight it until it disappears. but, in the daylight. i taste you in my tears. i'm a mess, alone, here at the end, i put up my fight - this is it this time, because i'm here at the end and i'm trying to pretend. it doesn't really matter, i'm over you.

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