Friday, June 18, 2010

i don't know anymore.

i still get butterflies when i think of you and the things we did. i still smile when i see photos or hear your name. it feels like yesterday i first saw you. everything you did or said, made me happy. you know that and you know you liked having me around too. i don't remember the last time we spoke and if some one were to even mention you, i wouldn't remember what you look like. it's been awhile since i've heard your voice and seen your face. it's like you don't exist anymore. i miss you more than ever. you used to make me whole. without you here, i feel like there is a part of me missing. i believe that if you were here, i wouldn't feel this empty. i wouldn't feel like this all of the time. so please, once again, save me. you have no idea how much you changed me, good ways and bad.

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