Saturday, November 13, 2010

i miss who i thought you were.

i was looking at the photo's of the night we met, when you introduced you to your family straight away, showed me around your house and property. the night we had our first kiss. we were both really drunk and we really liked each other and then when we ended up together, the day we made it official, you fucked your ex. i forgave you, because you just ended it with her and i didn't think much of it because we only just started having a 'thing.' the next week, you were with her, and that day? she showed me texts what you sent her the day before. that you still loved her, and you miss her. once again, i forgave you. you did more things during the weeks we were together. you ended it before i could. you fucked me over so bad. but, yet, i miss you like crazy. i miss who i thought you were.

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