Wednesday, November 10, 2010

i was wrong.

do you remember getting a text from me atleast once a week telling you how much you meant to me? that i loved you? that you were the only person i wanted? do you remember doing everything possible with me? i do. i remember sharing all of me with you. i remember letting myself be used by you, i'd drown in your flowery words. you would say the right thing always to make me fall a little more for you every time. you'd keep me on the side line, when no girl would give you what you wanted, you knew i'd be there every single time. you came back every time. but at the time? i didn't know what you were doing, i thought you felt the same. but i was stupid. so wrong, so thoughtless. every thing you did, and are doing, i've realised. not now though, i realised ages ago, i didn't let it get to me, because you were my everything. but now? i cannot see myself forgiving you for what you've done. you've fucked me over for the last time and least do you know, what happened when i stayed last time, was the last of me you'll ever get. i'll fucking miss you. but i'll never fucking forgive you. i never loved you, i just thought i did.

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