Friday, November 12, 2010

my best friend?

do you remember when your ex stole you away from me. i never saw you, it was never me and you. we forgot what it was like to be friends, what we used to do. we forgot what each other looked like once. we were tight, so fucking tight it was crazy. i tell you everything, you know i do. do you remember when you chose him over me? do you remember how long we weren't back to normal for? i do. and i remember when you left me, for him. and when he fucked you over and he treated you like shit, you came back, hoping i'd be your home again. do you remember my reaction? i wrote about it while it was happening, i showed you what i had written and you cried. you told me you miss me and we were back to normal. we were happy for ages, you and i, me and you. that's all it was. having the times of our fucking lives. it was great finally having you back. now? you're with someone else. who makes you incredibly happy, i think he's great and i trust him too. we are the three amegos and i love it. but, it's starting all over again and i don't want it too. please, don't leave me astray. not again. i love you so fucking much.

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