Saturday, November 6, 2010

this is it.

you've convinced yourself that i don't care. which probably means you've forgotten everything i've done for you. from going for walks so you could think and when the world isn't treating you right at the moment, to buying you unexpected gifts on special occasions. now, i know for a fact i don't mean as much to you, than you do to me. but, that doesn't count. you count, everything that we've done or said counts. it's been a fortnight and a bit now and i am starting to worry. i hate not knowing how you are, i hate the thought of being without you. some people say it's for the good, that i don't deserve the pathetic shit you put me through, which is true, but i am still here today right? this isn't as close to how much i care about you. in fact, i can't put it into words. you mean the world to me and i've showed you a billion times. how can you sit there and say to yourself that i don't care. i care about you, like your family does. i hope you're okay. i give up on trying to keep in contact with you, so i'm going to give you space. it's hard when nobody picks up the phone and when i don't get a text back from you. it's almost like you're gone, like you don't exist. please be okay, i am here for you. you know that i always will be.

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