Tuesday, August 17, 2010

everyones changes.

you're rude. you're negative. you lie. you are filthy. you're a thief. you lead more than one guy on at a time, for comfort to get over him. you bitch about your few mates behind their backs, when you should learn that you are running low on them. you have a huge go at your mates when you're drunk, saying the truth and expect them to forgive you in the morning, using the excuse "i was drunk." you blame everything on me. you annoy me because you think its funny. you get mad for sticking up for my mates. you hate it when i hang out with other people. you expect me not to go back and tell my best friend what you say about her and get mad if you find out. you think you know everything about fashion because you work at a well known retailer, and tell everyone they look bad. you fall in love with people you have never met. you say you're going to change, you say you're going to stop being so negative. but that isn't the only reason you have no friends. this friendship is nothing anymore, your reputation is close to rubbing off onto me. don't think about texting me or contacting me in anyway, because this time. i want nothing to do with you and i hope you learn from what you've done and realise why no body likes you anymore.

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