Tuesday, August 10, 2010

i miss you.

i miss staying at your house, i miss staying up until five oclock in the morning talking, i miss playing xbox with you, i miss getting high with you, i miss playing with dead birds while we are supose to be burying it, i miss making recordings, i miss liking the same things, i miss tackling people onto the staircases, i miss taking photos, i miss you looking after me while im sick, i miss chasing each other when we are both fucked off our faces, i miss watching fucked up videos with you, i miss walking the streets with you, i miss waking you up early hours of the morning because i was scared, i miss drawing funny pictures of each other, i miss finding secret places, i miss the waterfall we would take our toy soldiers for a swim in and photo shoots, i miss the night we got completely fucked, i miss our sayings, i miss taking the piss, i miss laughing at nothing, i miss agreeing to every insult we were given, i miss the weekend we went away, i miss being your best friend. most of all, i miss you.

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