Tuesday, August 24, 2010

what are you getting at?

the boy you have been in love with for years, is blatantly still in love with you but is doing the same as his cousin. wanting to get over you by getting with all of these girls. saying hurtful things to push you further away, and then a couple of days later telling you he didn't mean it. telling me he still misses you. he smiled when he saw you today. i know you don't want to be with him because of what he's done, but you want to be with him for who he used to be and what he used to treat you like. you still love him and always will. i was texting one of his mates, we were trying to sort things out between yous two and turn it around and think that i'm texting up his mate who you claim to have a thing for? that's not fair? you dibs all of these people and expect me not text anyone? i know it might sound a bit dodge, but seriously. you can't say you want all of them at the same time and get mad at me if i text one, i'm texting him, not texting him up. fuck. get over it. even if i did like him, or will end up liking him. i'm your best friend, you should accept that i'm happy?

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