Wednesday, August 18, 2010

i am missing a part of me.

nobody gets over the fact people change. people accept it, people move on, but i'm one of those people who don't. i miss how close we used to be and how we would both understand every bit of what we said. i could never, ever picture us so distant from each other and never really wanted too. i guess this is what it feels like, to lose a part of you. a part of you, you could once call home. most of it i blame on myself. "we could never be like that, it would ruin everything." i should have listened to you, you should have too. you messed with my mind for weeks, and although we both knew what we were doing was wrong, we both didn't think to stop it. we are both to blame, but i don't recall being the one who ended every thing after a night spent together. losing a part of me has changed a lot, i don't trust anybody anymore and now there is a wall around my heart. i miss you my brother, but things have changed. the worst bit is, you have too. it's like you don't exist anymore, and for me? it's the hardest thing to get over. i'll miss you, for who you used to be. not who you're trying to be.

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