Thursday, October 14, 2010


i remember promising your girlfriend/my friend, that we would only ever be/stay friends. you see, i have a tendancy of breaking promises. but there was a huge reason it was broken, you would help me with things that made me upset, you put a smile on my face. there was a point where your girlfriend stopped us from being friends, it really sucked. i remember trying to hide from her, i remember trying to be friends behind her back, which was probably worse than breaking my first promise. during the time we 'weren't friends' you told me what she had done, that she had come over to your house and had got you kicked out. you then told me it was your birthday the following week. i said 'i would text you, but i can't, i was told to delete your number.' you smiled and said goodbye. that night, your ex girlfriend popped up in chat, turns out it wasn't her, it was you. you wanted my number. during the week until your birthday, we would text each every now and then. you invited me to your birthday drinks. me and a couple of mates came along. seeing you, your face, your smile, gave me the heebijeebies. by the end of the night, you and i were in your bedroom, holding hands and kissing. after that night, we spoke for ages. we were both happy, we both ended up liking each other. one night, i ditched my friends for you. (which was really low.) but i needed to see you. we spent the night in each others arms in your mates shed, we shared a couch and a blanket. (although you stole it off me the whole night and i froze to death.) your ex girlfriend tryed scaring me, it worked, i thought she could have killed me that night. but she left, and then it was alright. i woke up to your face, you had forgotten i was with you, because you were the drunk the night before, but you were really happy you woke up next to me. you said yourself and i agreed, that we were now together. we were together for three weeks, during these three weeks, you fucked me over three times but i still decided to take you back, because were weren't going out and because they weren't that big. you invited me over one morning. (kissing lead to more, but keeping blogspot pg.) that night you ended it with me, for good. you told me you couldn't be with someone right now because of everything that was going on, you had to pay fines and you wouldn't be able to see me much. the next week came and you were already with someone else. when i found out, i had to catch my breath. had i done something? i asked myself. turns out you were just using me. the worst bit, is that my friends told you to tell me that. anyway, it's about a month since i was with you. i miss you like crazy, maybe because you the second person i'd shared everything with. i've been told to get over you countless times, which i am, i just miss you that's all. and i know that this is all my fault, i wasn't your type. i'm sorry. please forgive me. i just want us to be okay, all over again. i miss you like crazy.

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