Thursday, October 28, 2010

we could have made it.

we hardly knew each other. we both knew that things wouldn't work. you couldn't commit to anything or anyone. we were only together for two weeks and you did four different things that tore me to pieces every time. but, as i do. i forgive, i always do. we stopped seeing each other because feelings went, although you were the second person i've slept with. it's hard sometimes. i used to think and make sure it meant something, but with you? you were heartless. i didn't know you were using me from the start, just because me and her were mates, doesn't mean it'd hurt her. we only knew each other, we weren't even friends. you are heartless and i miss you like crazy. which sometimes makes me sick and sometimes makes me cry. were friends, were not, were friends, were not. you're so confusing. your eyes locked with mine today, mine left yours first today. your always leave first, like you don't even care. but today? you gave me the heebjeebies. it was the same feeling you gave me the first time i layed eyes on you. your smile today, meant something. and i fucking miss you more and i hate myself for it.

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